Right Mind Math (RMM) is a Free & Open Source Software math app. It develops instant recall for simple arithmetic, and shows how easy math can be once simple arithmetic is mastered.

To see examples of RMM's interface Click Here (opens a new window).

Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize winner) best sums up RMM's raison d'etre:

Acquisition of skills requires a regular environment, an adequate opportunity to practice, and rapid and unequivocal feedback about the correctness of thoughts and actions.
That is our design/learning philosophy — and the benefit for your child.

No need to take RMM's word for it. This YT video is an interesting take on RMM (terms used are "sharp focus" (left mind)' vs. "open focus" (right mind). Note how Jeff calls out how sharp focus can be "confusing" — is this what you want your child to exerpience learning basic arithmetic??. Link (opens in a new window possibly with a YT ad at the start)

Here are some of the main reasons to use RMM:

  • Helps your engagement & interest
  • Free & Open Source — forever
  • Pretty darn well-designed app
  • 100% private

Item one (engagement & interest) is the most important factor at work here. Engaging with, and being interested in your child's learning process is much, much more important than the app you use. Fortunately RMM makes this easy & natural for you.

A series of Topics is below. Yes there are a lot of them. They hopefully both explain RMM completely, and help you best assist your child. Please take the time to read them. As you read the Topics it may help to click the link below to run RMM for reference in a separate window.

To evaluate RMM by running the actual app Click Here (opens a new window). Note: the app you run in the browser will be the same as the app you install as a PWA.

If you like RMM after trying it, continue reading. You will need to invest some time doing this. It will be worth it.

RMM is a Progressive Web App (PWA) like the original Wordle. (Unlike Wordle, RMM is both Free & Open Source.) Even though RMM runs great in a web browser window, it is important to install it as a PWA.

To install RightMindMath as a PWA

  • First Read All the Topics Below
  • Then follow the instructions Here

After reading the Topics about Privacy & Syncing below, you may want a short cut to the Sync Setup page. You can find it Here.

Topics (click each Topic for more info. Use the Close Button not the browser Back button to return to this page.)

The End
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